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Nuicon is an innovative software company using the web to get recognition to clients. We specialize in the Energy Sector. We support companies supplying everything from Clean Energy based Solutions to Petroleum based Exploration drilling companies. They also have something in common; they are looking for more than a brochure on the web. They require interactive applications to suit the needs of their customers. This is what gets the best results.

Nuicon Software is positioned well to help clients form Limited Partnerships to take advantage of the need for domestic production.

This amazing new discovery... "The Computer".

Ask kids if they know who invented the computer. If they don't know, inform them that, in 1884, Charles Babbage, an English mathematician, tried to build a complicated machine called the "analytical engine." It was mechanical, rather than electronic, and Babbage never completed it, but computers today are based on many of the principles he used in his design.

As recently as forty years ago, computers were so large that they filled whole rooms. They were so complicated that only specially trained people were able to use them.

Computers now are not only small in size they have become so user friendly that anyone with any education or ethnicity becomes an effective information processor. When you add the accessibility of the world wide web in a pocket this is were we can help.

Today... "The Computer and The Internet".


Who would have thought we'd have computer information outlets in every home. Not only that, each computer is hooked up to enormous libraries of data where anyone can ask any question and be given answers. These reference materials may connect experts solving the worlds great mysteries and great problems we face. All this with this appliance that can fit into a pocket.

This new age has proven to be amazingly accurate, as we now live in a world with the Internet, where nearly the entire wealth of human knowledge can live at our fingertips or even in our pockets

Green Stuff

Power!!! Without POWER this new computer age would quickly come to its knees.

Nuicon Software has the expertise to combine High-tech Internet age ideas with the emerging High-Tech Energy gathering Age.

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